Welcome to the Nathan D. McClenaghan research group website, which is based in the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires at the University of Bordeaux, France.

Our multidisciplinary research focuses on the synthesis of different molecular devices and nanomaterials and characterisation of their innovative properties by different fluorescence and time-resolved spectroscopies.
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Some Highlights

Oct. 2015: Congratulations to Arnaud Tron, winner of French Chemical Society best thesis prize (Aquitaine)

Jan. 2015: Highlight of Chem. Commun "Photodriven [2]Rotaxane-[2]Catenane Interconversion" see in Chemistry World

Jul. 2014: Congratulations to Sergey Denisov: on winning a poster prize at the XXV IUPAC Photochemistry conference in Bordeaux

Jul. 2014: Congratulations to Arnaud Tron: on winning a poster prize at the Scientific day of the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires in Bordeaux

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